..the love of the Downs and the Weald is brought to life here along with good men and highwaymen, saints and smugglers all interwoven with myth, mystery, legend and hard fact which should amply reward the wayfaring reader of these pages. 

from the preface by The Earl of Lytton

Chichester Cathedral may, at first sight, seem a curious destination for a literary trail. 

After all, unlike Winchester, for example, no major literary figures are commemorated within the cathedral.... Yet Chichester as a city - small though it has always been - and the surrounding county - provide rich pickings for those with an interest in our literary heritage, as this Guide has demonstrated. 

from the postscript by The Very Reverend Nicholas Frayling, Dean of Chichester

Shelley's grandfather ... founded a family tradition that the poet was to follow, by eloping with and marrying young women - who would now be called teenagers. 

from the Horsham to Barns Green section

One of the most unusual features is the remarkable early 16th cent wall painting of a young woman tied head downwards on a cross... 

from the Houghton Bridge to Duncton section